Week of 08/15-08/22

Well well well. This week had a monster track workout that, on paper, was utterly terrifying. Luckily I have friends as crazy as I am and one who was happy to suffer with me. So what did my week look like?! Before we get into that….. let’s chat shoes. I have 5 pair(yup 5) on rotation that I love.

  1. Saucony endorphin speed – The Endorphin Speed is breathable with ample cushion, a wider toe box and very lightweight. It can be used for speed or easier runs – I toss it in the rotation for a tempo run or an easy day.
  2. Nike zoomX vaporfly – this shoe literally feels like it’s propelling you forward and I am obsessed with the laces- they don’t come untied. This shoe is marketed as a racing shoe. I use it on the track, for shorter speed work and 150% on race day.  Its responsive cushioning and secure support to push you towards your personal best.
  3. ASICS glideride – if you want to feel like you’re running on clouds and need a shoe for everyday running or recovery runs- this is your girl
  4. ASICS magic speed – need I say more? This shoe should be in Wikipedia next to “bouncy.” I use this shoe for everyday runs and longer speed sessions
  5. Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% Flyknit. It gives you the greatest energy return of all Nike’s racing shoes with a propulsive feel through the finish line. The design is light, breathable and backed by data to help keep you comfortable.

All shoes linked here ??


Now….. what did last week look like?

Monday – rest. Gimmmmmeeee all the rest and I actually foam rolled. Say what?!!

Tuesday – 70 minutes easy with 4×30 second sprints. 9 miles 7:50 pace, nothing crazy, tried to run a not too hilly route. Did core today (uh go me). My go to core routine is an oldie but a goodie from Oiselle here.

Wednesday – BIG ASS track day. 5 sets of 4×400 meters. My coaches goal for me was 85 seconds. They all ended up between 79-84. There was one minute standing rest between each rep and one slow jog between sets. The entire day ended up being 11 miles with warm up and cool down. I definitely feel my turnover improving with the amount of quicker shorter stuff I’m doing. My friend ran 16 of them with me and demolished hers. We both texted each other afterward something along the lines of “did that really happen?” Came home. Ate. Then did some weights. This is the basic weight routine I do two times a week (see image below) It keeps it interesting and fun. We have free weights from 8lbs – 35, a few medicine balls and kettle bells.

Thursday – An easy hour with friends. I think we got in 7 miles and a ton of laughs. Pace was around 8:45, a true recovery run. Core and weights.

Friday – An easy hour, flew solo, listened to a podcast, 8:37 average. Nothing to report

Saturday – long run! 15, 6 easy, 9 pushing the pace for the top 90 seconds of each of those miles. Our overall pace was low 8:00s the push pace ranged from high 6s to low 7s on a hilly hilly route, it’s a route we call the “new road” on a country highway. Lucky for us there were some nice porta potties. Core and weights.

Sunday – 7, 8:01 pace, easy, fun, didn’t look at my watch, just let my legs do their thing.

weekly mileage – 56

Podcasts this week-