Two weeks of training for you to review and see what you could add to your running routine. This weeks focus is on my renewed love of Tea….. Read on for more.

08/23 Monday: 9 miles with 4×30 second sprints, 7:48 average listened to Even the Rich

08/24 Tuesday: workout!!!! 3×10 minutes with 3 min jog between. 3 Mile warm up and a quick stop to stretch. The 10 minute segments were all 6:02-6:07 pace, I have a big workout 2 weeks from this and this was a good workout to try to nail down that pace. It was 11 miles total. LIFT.

08/25 REST (I do one rest day every 10 days)

08/26 Thursday 70 minutes with a friend. 8 miles, a lot of laughter, 8:25 pace

08/27 Friday another workout. 8×2 minutes HARD. My goal was to get in 3 miles if possible. I accidentally did 9 repeats instead of 8…Oopsie. The repeat pace was around 5:18-5:25, I would love to inch this closer to consistent 5:15 but that’ll take time. The workout was 11 miles total with the warm up, cool down and 2 minutes between each. LIFT

08/28 an easy 45-60 minutes ran 6 miles with a wonderful friend, 8:45 average.

08/29 Sunday: LONG run. My friend ran hood to coast this weekend and killllllled it but she still managed to hop in for 6 miles of my 16. 7:53 average and all the hills

weekly mileage just around 67

08/30 Monday: SUNRIVER running. My favorite. Today was an hour easy. It ended up being a tad over because I always get lost there. 9 easy miles LIFT

08/31 Tuesday: SUNRIVER (at elevation) 70 minutes with 4×30 seconds. 10 miles. 13 deer sighting. 7:46 average.

09/01 BIG ass hill workout. 3 mile warm up 10×1 minute UP hard, jog down. 4x 30 seconds UP. Jog down. Cool down. The grade was around 4.5% my goal was to make it 250-300 meters each time and I managed to so that felt awesome. I was shaky after and a tad light headed. Sign of success or lack of nutrition? 10 miles total

09/02 HOUR easy. I ran “naked” which means no watch. Not because I’m awesome, because I forgot my charger. Guessing it was 8 miles

09/03 REST day baby. Down day. Amen. All the praise.

09/04 LONG run with some speed. My friend ran with me and we had some awesome laughs. 5 miles up, 5×7:00-7:10, 5×6:40, a few down. Ended up around 16.4 miles. The 5 quicker were mid 6:30s LIFT

09/05 Sunday funday. An easy recovery 7 miles with a buddy. 8:46 average. Sunny. Gorgeous.


I have been working hard at eating a little something before I run which is hard because it’s so early. My go to right now is half a banana with peanut butter. When I get home I try to eat within 30 minutes, I don’t like it but I know it’s what is good for recovery and my goals. My go to:

Hard boiled egg with a rice cake with avocado


Quest bar with second half of banana

Oatmeal with nuts and flax

Winter running is creeping up on us quickly so here are my GO TO items:

Safety vest, headlamp, warm tops, a down vest and yak trax. They’re all linked on my LTK. Click through and scroll down. If you look through my old posts you’ll see one with ALLL my winter recs.


If you know me you know I have a hard time drinking water – but tea with my book at night? Mmmmm YEP. Are you a tea drinker? Please send me your recommendations.